Wimbledon VIP

We are incredibly proud to learn that Joshua in Hazel Class has been chosen by the Firefighter’s Charity to play a major role in the Men’s Final at Wimbledon this year.

Not only will he and his Dad, Dan have front row seats at the final, they will also be allowed into the players’ lounge to meet the tennis stars in person.

Before the match begins, they will help the groundsmen ensure the lawn and the net are just as they should be and then …….. Josh will toss the coin at the beginning of the game!

You can tune in (or set your TV to record) on Sunday, 15th July to watch Josh and Dan go down in televised history.

The whole family were guests at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association on Monday this week, when they were treated like superstars and familiarised themselves with the venue. Prior to the final being aired there will be a short documentary on how the Firefighter’s Charity have helped Josh and his family over the years.

We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into our son. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us as a family.


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