Social Stories at The Link

Social stories were created by Carol Gray in 1991. They are short descriptions of a particular situation, event or activity, they include specific information about what to expect in that situation and why. This is an example of a social story about keeping your shoes on. Whenever I leave my house, I wear my shoes. I wear my shoes at school. I wear my shoes outside. My shoes keep my feet dry and warm. When I get home, I can take my shoes off again.

At the Link we use social stories to develop self-care skills (e.g. how to clean teeth, wash hands or get dressed) and help develop social skills (e.g. sharing, asking for help, saying thank you, interrupting). We also use them to explain school routines, particularly any changes (e.g. going on a trip, taking an exam)

Social stories are created to meet an individual or group of students’ needs – they are personalised so that the format and language is accessible to each student. To see examples of what social story might look like click here.

We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into our son. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us as a family.


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