Assessment and Outcomes

The school assessment system is strong, recording clear academic progress from a starting point using the SOLAR assessment system as well as holistic progress for pupils with language and communication needs through The Link Priorities as well as IEP’s related to long term EHCP barriers. Data analysis highlights pupils making less than expected progress so that interventions can be put into place in a timely manner.

Assessment System


• The use of SOLAR shows the progress that children make in Maths and English from a clear baseline.
• There is enough comparative data to show above, below and expected levels of progress for pupils at The Link. This then enables targets to be set for all and interventions for those pupils who are not making a sufficient rate of progress.

Link Priorities
• The Link Priorities form part of the termly assessment procedures and they focus on the areas not covered by the SOLAR assessment system to ensure that vital aspects of a child’s development are monitored.
• They identify who needs to have interventions in place to help with social, emotional and self-help development.


• IEPs are written based on EHCP outcomes.
• The targets from the IEPS are monitored each term and interventions developed for those children who are making below expected progress in obtaining their targets.

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