Grow, Harvest, Prepare & Share

Plants in our garden are flourishing and the pupils are now literally seeing the fruits of their labour. We have pea shoots growing, strawberries ripening, runner beans growing taller every day, beds of potatoes and cabbages too. During this week’s Gardening Club, Luke and Archie picked some of our strawberries and got enormous pleasure out of washing and tasting them. Our aim is to let pupils experience nature from seed to plate, – although we must be honest, we don’t think too many strawberries will ever make it to a plate.

We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into our son. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us as a family.


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Nurturing nature

Everyone has been gravitating towards Pine Class this week to meet the new members of their class – some beautiful ducklings! Pine Class have nurtured their new feathered friends, watching them hatch and carefully supporting them as they grow. It …

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Approval of the Merger and Expansion of The Link Schools

Our proposal to the DfE to formally merge The Link Primary and The Link Secondary Schools to become one entity and to introduce a satellite site to educate additional children has been approved and will take effect from September 2022. …

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Students raise funds for Ukraine

Our School Council instigated a ‘Cool Crazy Clothes Day’ to bring the week to a close in their bid to raise funds for the Ukraine. The whole school pulled together to support them and you will be pleased to learn …

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‘Thank You’ Afternoon Tea

Our afternoon tea to thank and ‘reward’ all those special women in our lives was a huge success and this is due to Frances, our school council and the whole school community for pulling together to make it so – …

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