Everyone loves harvest time! 

It has been lovely to see pupils enjoying the garden. They take great pride in planting flowers and seeds and tending to the raised beds. The garden provides a calm and therapeutic outdoor sanctuary. There is plenty of freedom to explore in the fresh air, some pupils like to get messy and dig for worms and mini-beasts, whilst others are happy to cultivate the garden and enjoy seeing how it grows and develops. Our herbaceous section helps develop pupils’ senses, they can smell and taste the different herbs (some of which end up in our baking – lavender cookies are a favourite).

Everyone loves harvest time! We are currently picking runner beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries – which are always very popular. Pupils delight in sharing out the home grown produce, some of which goes home for dinner and the rest provide healthy snacks during school.

You can see Rian in the photo, proudly looking after the garden.

We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into our son. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us as a family.

Parent – 2018

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