Willow Class

Willow class pupils learn best from child centred approaches to learning. Intensive interaction, interactive story- telling and Interactive music provide a staple diet to develop two way social communication. The pupils benefit from high visual elements to learning such as symbols and pictures but within a low arousal environment. Attention Autism is used to develop attention to another’s agenda and to increase the time that the children can concentrate and learn within a group setting. Augmentative communication strategies such as PECS are used to help children make their needs known to others. TEACCH stations help children to practise and embed curriculum skills in a distraction free environment. Hands on sensory activities are included every day to enable children to fully engage with the curriculum.

Willow Class Plan – Autumn Term

In Willow this term we will be looking at 2 different units from the IPC curriculum

Unit 1- Up and away- 1st half term

The class will be exploring and learning about all things which can float in the air; from bubbles to kites and hot air balloons.
With an art and design technology emphasis we will be exploring different methods to use art media to decorate and create our own kites and hot air balloons.

We will explore culturally different kite festivals and different designed kites around the world.

We will learn new vocabulary for the topic using Makaton signs to support including kite, fly, balloon and wind.

Finally, we will create a “how to make a kite” instructional book.

To consolidate your child’s learning, it would be fantastic if you could take opportunities to discuss objects which you see floating in the air when you are out and about in the community such as leaves, birds, and transport.

Unit 2- A day in the life- 2nd half term

Our second unit of the term has a focus upon the society that we live in. We will be exploring and finding out:
A day in our life at school: making and ordering schedules of the activities we undertake in a day.
About the jobs people do in our school such as our site manager, headteacher and caterer. We will spend time interviewing people using symbols and building a photo book about their job.
About the jobs that our parents and family do using role play and photographs.
About the people who help us including emergency services, doctors and people in a customer service role. We will look at stories and role play activities.
To consolidate your child’s learning, it would be fantastic if you could take opportunities to discuss your job and jobs within the family and friends circle, even role playing at home some activities that a job undertakes. We will send home a list of signs and words that will be key to our learning; which we ask you to share with your child to aid their understanding.

‘Thank you very much for all the help and support you have given our daughter. The Link is a great school and our decision to send our daughter here was the best decision we made.”

Parental Survey 2017

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