Willow Class

Willow class pupils learn best from child centred approaches to learning. Intensive interaction, interactive story- telling and Interactive music provide a staple diet to develop two way social communication. The pupils benefit from high visual elements to learning such as symbols and pictures but within a low arousal environment. Attention Autism is used to develop attention to another’s agenda and to increase the time that the children can concentrate and learn within a group setting. Augmentative communication strategies such as Communication Grids are used to help children make their needs known to others. Hands on sensory activities are included every day to enable children to fully engage with the curriculum.


2019 Autumn Term 1 & 2

We have 2 exciting topics this term. We will be focusing first upon “Thank you for the music” which has a creative and design technology/science focus. Following half term we will be studying “Let’s celebrate” which explores social aspects of celebrating.


Expected overall outcomes

Thank you for the music
Let’s Celebrate
Creative/DT focus

Exploring different genres of music

Exploring tempo, volume and pitch

Exploring different instruments and how to play them

Exploring rhythm – how to recreate rhythms, make my own and write a score to note it down.

Exploring emotion in music

Science focus

Exploring cause and effect

Exploring sound

Exploring and categorising instruments/sounds

Making instruments


Social focus

Different reasons to celebrate (religious/non- religious festivals, birthdays, weddings, celebration of work/kindness)

Different cultural celebrations that occur




Different cultural rules around celebration

Working and celebrating together

Recognising right and wrong

Recognising similarities and differences


We will be working across the levels of Discovers and Explorers.

We aim to make weekly community visits to reinforce and generalise mathematical and communication skills learnt within the classroom.

We will also be focusing on Relationships and Health which will be embedded in daily activities as well as explicitly taught. Our topics for RHE are relationships of family and friends, respectful relationships in class, across the school and accessing the wider community on trips.




We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into our son. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us as a family.

Parent – 2018

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