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Oak Class

The majority of children in Oak class have been in the school for a long period of time and have benefitted from the specialised teaching approaches and therapies. Learning to learn skills are generally established and the children are able to access the curriculum at their pace within whole and small group settings. The children continue to benefit from specialised approaches, including colourful semantics and sensory and emotional regulation activities. Pupils are beginning to focus on understanding their personal strengths and difficulties related to their disability in order to prepare for secondary education.

2019 Summer Term 1 and 2

Dear Oak Class Parents,

We have started our new unit of work ‘The Circus is Coming to Town’ which is a part of the International Primary Curriculum.

This topic focuses on a number of key areas of learning including art, science, geography, physical education, society and music.  In science for example, the children will investigate which materials would make a waterproof tent and which materials to use for circus costumes, as well as learning about forces and the pushes and pulls in circus acts. In geography they will be finding out how to draw a plan of the circus and in physical education they will be finding out how to use juggling balls and how to balance and make movements used in circus performers.

In addition to this, the Zones of Regulation® will be integrated throughout the topic in order for the children to have opportunities to discuss what makes them feel worried, excited, scared, happy etc.

The vocabulary for this topic will include:

Circus Performer Waterproof
Tent Audience Material
Clown Costume Stretchy
Ringmaster Entrance Smooth
Juggler Exit Pattern
Tightrope walker Ticket booth Forces
Magician Stage Push
Acrobat Plan Pull

We aim to make regular community visits such as to a fancy dress shop, craft shop and circus to reinforce and generalise the skills learnt within the classroom. As well as seeing these environments first-hand the children will have regular opportunities to role play their experiences when back at school.

We will be sending home a sheet of the topic words and Makaton signs to support this vocabulary. We hope that you and child will be able to use these to discuss and reinforce their learning.

This promises to be a very exciting topic.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Oak Class Team



We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into our son. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us as a family.

Parent – 2018

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