Hazel Class

Many of the children in Hazel class come to the school during their junior period of primary education often after a period of instability in their education. The children have good cognitive potential for learning but require a highly personalised approach to their personal and social education which is their main barrier to achieving. The Link Curriculum Priorities help them to focus on and understand their emotional needs and also help them to see and understand life from the perspective of others. Raising self- esteem and a positive attitude to learning is the key to the children accessing and learning from the wide variety of cross curricular topics and extra- curricular activities on offer.

Autumn 2019   Frances McNaughton and Hazel team

Our topic this term is ‘I’ve got the power!’

Our foundation subjects include Relationships and Health education; ICT; Cookery/ DT and PE.

We are also covering Literacy, Maths and Science.

The class levels include Discoverers (WSP 4-6), Explorers (WSP 7-8), Investigators (WSP 9-10) and Inquisitors (WSP 11+).

In Relationships and Health we are looking at different religions and cultures.

In ICT we will continue to access Education City and Mathletics as well as developing keyboard skills, printing, internet safety and developing research techniques.

In cooking/DT the students will be learning how to use simple tools such as rolling pins , using words to describe taste and exploring their use of electricity when cooking.

In PE students will develop their social skills, ball skills and stamina through football, netball and ball and running games as well as weekly yoga and dance lessons.

In Topic Science, students will be exploring science in the home and school and exploring different objects powered by electricity and batteries and even learning how to make an electrical circuit!

In Social Topic, students will be looking at renewable and non-renewable forms of energy.

In Reading we will be looking at David Copperfield as well as individual reading books.

In Literacy and Communication students will be developing sentence skills, suffixes, adjectives and who, what and where questions.

In Writing students will be contributing to story ideas, ordering letters of the alphabet to form words, writing individual stories and developing consistency and quality of writing.

In Number students will be learning about counting, addition, times tables, fractions, division and multiplication.

In Shape students will be sorting, ordering, telling the time, and looking at angles and different lines e.g. parallel lines.

In Using and applying, students will be comparing prices and using money when shopping in the community, learning to use tally charts, bar charts, pictograms and block graphs as well as identifying shapes.

We all hope to have a lot of fun when learning this term!




We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into our son. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us as a family.

Parent – 2018

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