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Beech Class

Beech class pupil’s benefit from a mixed range of approaches, including child centred approaches and hands on learning approaches. They require strong visual structures and order to their learning but also need to experience learning in different environments and with different people to ensure that their learning is generalised. Attention autism is used to develop attention to another’s agenda and to increase the time children can spend within a group setting. At present however their best learning occurs in a distraction free environment where they can have the individual attention of an adult.

Beech Curriculum Focus 2019 – Summer Term 1 

Flowers and insect’s / Oliver’s vegetables / Argh! Spider

This term we will be learning about flowers and insects. We will explore our environment taking notice of the flowers we can find, their colours and shapes. We will take pictures of the flowers we see and create a book about Spring.

We will plant some seeds and look after our plants in order for them to grown. We will grow many different things and will record the stages of growing a plant.

We will also learn about mini beasts and how they help our environment, e.g. bees.

In art, we will be making paintings of flowers and insects and create a garden in our classroom.

Spring 1: buildings / the three little pigs / materials

As part of this term’s topic, Beech class will be learning about ‘Buildings’. To introduce the topic, we will be retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs. We will learn about materials used in the story and why they were or were not appropriate to build a house to keep the big bad wolf out! For this, we will be exploring different materials and make houses with them. We will test these materials by blowing a fan onto them to see whether the house can survive the wind.

Spring 2: Treasure / 10 little pirates / the night pirate / we are going on a treasure hunt – own book

In Beech class, we will be learning about treasures and pirates. We will have lots of opportunities to dress up as pirates, hunt for treasure inside Beech class and in the garden. We will explore pirate’s stories such as ‘The Night Pirate’. We will create our own book based on our adventures as pirates!

Autumn 1: Family and Friends / Peace at last / rhymes / a book about me

We are starting the year learning about our families and friends. During the unit we will be focusing on learning all about us. Pupils will bring a ‘All About Me Box’ with special items and pictures from home. We will be sharing this to learn more about each other’s likes, families and friends.

We will be reading the book ‘Peace at Last’. We will be learning about routines, likes and dislikes, and will be having much fun role playing stories.

Autumn 2: Let’s celebrate / Rama and Sita / fireworks poems / Christmas

In Beech this half term we will be learning about celebrations.

We will be looking into celebrations from across the world. We will start with the celebration of Diwali, the festival of light, by engaging in a world full with lights and colours as part of our morning sessions. We will be learning about the story of Rama and Sita, the characters and will have lots of fun role playing the story. We will create Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns.

We will move onto fireworks. We will explore the colours and patterns of the fireworks. We will also learn words to describe the fireworks and create our very own fireworks poems.

With Christmas taking place in December, we will learn about the different changes in the environment: lights in the streets, lots of music, colours, etc. We will decorate the classroom and will be writing letters to Santa.

We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into our son. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us as a family.

Parent – 2018

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